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Removing Stains in South Carolina

When you know a house is going to go on the market the last thing you want is stains in the carpet. Protect your investment by calling us to clean and main... READ MORE

The Worst of Situations Biohazard in South Carolina

Our team was called in on a Sunday to deal with an unfortunate situation. A biohazard clean up is one that requires a highly specialized team.Exposure to biolog... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Blair , South Carolina

Certain words you hate to hear. One example being we think it might be MOLD. For one of our customers the extent of damage was pretty severe. Luckily our traine... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Damages Family Home in Newberry Area

The Sease family experienced an intense fire due to an electrical malfunction. The SERVPRO crew took inventory of all the non salvageable and salvageable items.... READ MORE

Laurens County Administrative Building Suffers Damage from Sprinkler System

Rob Russian, Public Works Director, took a couple hours out of his day to show the owner and our marketing rep. all the damage. The new administrative was relat... READ MORE

Local Family Suffers Severe Damage Due to Busted Pipe

During a cold snap in South Carolina many families were hit hard by busted pipes. One such family was the Harris family. While they were out of town the pipe bu... READ MORE

Busted Pipe Wreaks Havoc on Local Church in Clinton, SC.

Due to a long freeze we experienced in South Carolina, many homes and businesses suffered from frozen pipes. First Pentecostal Church in Clinton, South Carolina... READ MORE

Newberry County Residents Caught by Surprise

The Dempsey's came home one evening to find a pipe had busted during a long freeze in the area. Our crew worked to dry out several rooms in the house. We were a... READ MORE

Extensive Restoration- Pack out is neccessary

If your home or office requires extensive restoration, a pack out may be required. In this case, the SERVPRO team would inventory and pack out all contents and ... READ MORE

Restore don't replace

After the fire trucks leave, your home likely suffers from fire and smoke damage and extensive water damage from firefighting efforts. SERVPRO Franchise Profess... READ MORE