What our Customers say...


Thanks to you and your guys at SERVPRO for a job well done!

Don't know what we would have done if ya'll did not show up when you did. All your employees were professional and courteous. Chris and Dianne were excellent packers!

SERVPRO was both expedient and professional in dealing with my water damage emergency. The water heater had ruptured and poured countless gallons of water onto the floor; ruining floor covering, furniture, walls and baseboards.

The drying process helped me salvage a lot of family articles that otherwise would have been lost.

The insurance claim process was also made easy with Mel Kitchens providing detailed information to adjuster and following up as needed.

Mr. Kitchens and SERVPRO personally followed up with me to ensure the issue was remedied and I was 100% satisfied.

I had been out of the house for about an hour and a half running errands. I returned home to find water all over my house. The caring and compassionate representatives with SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties were so professional. Mel and Little Mel took care of everything and made you feel like you weren't by yourself. They really acted like part of the family and their work was very much appreciated.

I recently had a fire in my rental property. Mel met me there the next morning. Turn key work! This was a huge plus for me, as the property is located 35 minutes from me. Mel helped me through the insurance process and understanding all of my options.

My mom and dad have wanted their carpet cleaned for sometime. I reached out to my friend, Kimberly Kitchens, and she scheduled her son to measure and to do the work immediately. The cleaning was completed today, and my parents could not be more pleased with the outcome. Not only was the job superb, but Mom and Dad may adopt Lil Mel. He and his assistant were kind, courteous and professional. Mom was thrilled to get a hug from "cute Lil Mel" when he arrived and another as he was leaving! If you want superb cleaning and great customer service, call them.

Dina Hair
Laurens, SC

I was panicking after having found a busted pipe in my home on a Saturday morning. Not knowing what to do, I immediately called Mel Kitchens and SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens County.  They sprang into action right away and Little Mel and his partner were outstanding!  They took care of the damage and explained everything working non-stop until the job was complete.

Greg Alexander

President & CEO

Laurens County Chamber of Commerce

I came home around 10:30 pm to find water coming out of the front door of my house. My water heater pipe had busted and water was pouring into my house. The first phone call I made was to SERVPRO. The dispatcher was very friendly and professional. She informed me that a team would be right out. Less than an hour the guys were at my house and didn't skip a beat. They went straight to work removing the water. The next morning I contacted my State Farm Agent and they said to let Mel and the SERVPRO team do what they needed to do and that they trusted them completely. The guys were back early the next morning and began taking out the floors and carpet. They SERVPRO team was very fast, friendly, efficient and professional. If you ever have water damage, I highly suggest you contact SERVPRO. Mel and his team were absolutely awesome.

Scott Leagan
Paramedic Supervisor

We have been thoroughly satisfied with the wonderful service that SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties has provided us. We had a kitchen fire several years ago and Kimberly and her staff went the extra mile to explain and guide us honestly, with such professional integrity through the complete clean up process. She really gained our trust in her and her team so we have continued to use them over the years for carpet cleaning. 

"Late on a Friday, we discovered a leak in the master bath of our home caused by our two-year old son's overzealous twisting of the hot and cold faucet valves just days before. Our house is a modular, and the water built up and was held in the moisture-proof insulation barrier sheeting. Hundreds of pounds of wet, blown -in cellulose insulation was just waiting to start growing and spreading mold. Luckily, we caught the leak shortly after it started, and SERVPRO was able to send a crew as soon as we realized that we couldn't do the work ourselves on Saturday morning. A crew of three professionals arrived, took our concerns seriously, and brought in the right pumps, diagnostics equipment, and materials to remediate our problem immediately. Their professionalism, cleanliness, and attention to detail was phenomenal. They were courteous and took the time to explain their mold prevention efforts and walk us through what they were doing. It's good to know that there are still companies with staff members who value doing quality work with pride and efficiency. Thanks SERVPRO! You saved me and my family from what would have surely been a massive mold infestation." 

SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens guys are great at what they do. Anytime they have done work at the hospital they have done a great job for us. I would tell anyone that needs their carpet cleaned to to call SERVPRO. Thanks for the GREAT job you have done for the hospital.

I recently used SERVPRO and I could never have been more pleased with the service I received. The staff was wonderful from the office down to the guys that picked up my rug and cleaned it to perfection. Upon returning my rug the guys made sure it was placed exactly where I wanted it in the room. I would highly recommend SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties to anyone who wants perfection. Thank you SERVPRO 

"Palmetto Bone and Joint" has been very pleased with SERVPRO for many years. They always come in a timely manner. We have used them for carpet cleaning, tile floors and also repaired our water damaged building. Very professional and would recommend them to anyone.

 Team SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties, Thank you for doing such a great job cleaning my little Pakistani-Persian carpet. I used to think that SERVPRO only did whole-house projects and disaster relief. Then a few years ago, a friend told me about your carpet cleaning service and I have been entrusting my finest carpets to you ever since. Indian, Chinese, antique Persian carpets, as well as machine made rugs. You have even come to my house and cleaned wall-to-wall carpet located on the third floor. With each job I have been impressed with your professionalism and I have always been pleased with the results. But, when my husband brought this little carpet home from your shop,I exclaimed with delight at how great it looks! The colors are richer and the fringe brighter. I'm very happy. "Thank you" for a job well done! Thanks also to the members of your team--they are always so pleasant and helpful.

When we walked into our home to see water pouring from our ceiling, our first thought was panic and disbelief. Our insurance agent called SERVPRO immediately. They came and jumped right in, pulling up carpet and putting their fan system in place to minimize any more damage. They had a sense of urgency, support, assurance, and kindness that put our family at ease ensuring us that our house was salvageable and would be back to normal soon. Our pipe bursting was difficult, but SERVPRO made the rebuilding process easier. When we reflect on the experience, SERVPRO held our hands as we returned our house into our home again.

 Thanks for everything!

I have had the pleasure of using the services of SERVPRO twice. My initial contact was a scheduled appointment to clean my carpet. The employees arrived on time and did an outstanding job. They were helpful in all areas. My second request was an emergency HOT WATER HEATER TANK PIPE'S BUST. The house was flooded. SERVPRO arrived with all their equipment used to extract the water, removed the damaged carpeting and linoleum, and base boards to avoid mold and immediately began the drying process. This operation was monitored for 5 days. SERVPRO has a superior operation, managers and staff. Efficiency accompanied by courtesy is a rare combination but this exists at SERVPRO! Thanks to all of you!

We love sharing letters and testimonial from our satisfied customers. Here is one we received from a lady who suffered from water damages.

"SERVPRO Is the Best!

When you’ve had a plumbing disaster of epic proportions, there are only four words you want to hear. As I was about to dissolve in the three inches of standing water in my office, teary-eyed and shaking, SERVPRO of Newberry said those four words to me: “We can fix that.”The upstairs toilet had not leaked, but spewed, through the night. The rug in the upstairs bedroom “squished” when you walked on it, and the floor was covered with water. The bedroom was directly above my office, and downstairs I discovered worse damage. It seemed to be raining from the ceiling fan, and rain was pouring from the corner. My heart sank. Old houses are hard, and we have an older home, built in 1924. Read More 

In May 2013 I found myself in need of SERVPRO again. My husband and I received a phone call that our home was on fire. We arrived home and saw the firemen working hard to save the house, which of course meant large amounts of water. I called our insurance company to apprise them of the situation. I asked them if I could call someone to help with the water removal, (I already knew I was going to call on Mel and his crew.) My insurance company informed me of their preferred vendor. And of course it was SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens County. So on a beautiful spring Friday evening, Mel and his crew showed up at our very wet smoldering home and went to work. They immediately started drying things out with de-humidifiers, and machines that pull water out of wood floors. They were back first thing in the morning, hauling out downed drywall, wet insulation, mattress and furniture. SERVPRO arranged for all of our clothing to be picked up and professionally cleaned and stored. SERVPRO took all of the salvageable furniture to their warehouse for storage until we could restore the house. Over the next few weeks, Mel and his crew would check on the moisture levels and finally determined it was okay to remove all their equipment. They continued to store our furniture until mid-summer when we could bring it home. When you hear the SERVPRO commercial “like it never happened”, believe it!