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General Cleaning in Clinton, SC

SERVPRO clean can take on a whole new meaning when some jobs require more than just a normal cleaning. Many of our customers have rental homes or homes that ha... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning Transformation in Newberry, SC

Between foot traffic, sand and summer storms – the summertime is an important time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. SERVPRO is here to help! ... READ MORE

House Fire Restoration in Newberry, SC

Several months ago, SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties began the clean up of a house fire in Newberry, SC. The family was devastated by the fire to their... READ MORE

Floor Restoration in Newberry, SC

We have all been out of sorts with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Working from home not working at all and waiting to get back to our somewhat normal way of life. SERVP... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning, Newberry SC

In these uncertain times - SERVPRO is being called on by numerous businesses and community leaders to perform the necessary bioremediation services to clean, di... READ MORE

Carpet Cleaning - Laurens SC

Winter got your carpet looking like it needs replaced? The professionals at SERVPRO of Newberry and Laurens Counties can start your Spring Cleaning now! During... READ MORE

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Clinton, SC

It’s extremely hard to keep your carpet clean, especially during the harsh season of winter. Winter elements are constantly being tracked in your home dai... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Laurens, SC

After severe storms and several inches of rain flash flooding can happen quickly and sometimes without warning. Water found its way through the foundation flood... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Laurens, SC

Major Storms hit the upstate with torrential rain fall resulting into flash flooding throughout a widespread area. Many homes and business were affected by thes... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning - Clinton, SC

This was an amazing transformation of what a good cleaning, striping and waxing of your flooring can do! Let’s face it, the janitorial staff can only do s... READ MORE